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2011 UK European Skimboarding League Results

Here are the full results for the UK round of the ESL which was held a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but Dan at SkimUK jetted off to the USA straight after the contest, and left the results at his house!

Anyway, the win was taken by Goncalo Santos from Portugal, with the highest UK rider being Ollie Bowen in 3rd place. Sandskater sponsored rider, Adam Wootton made the final and came in 4th.

Here is the full run down of results:


  1. Goncalo Santos PT
  2. Paulo Santos PT
  3. Ollie Bowen UK
  4. Adam Wootton UK
  5. Liam Meyer UK
  6. Adam Searle UK
  7. Joe Brocklebank UK
  8. Hoon Wei Kent MAL
  9. Tristan Lamy FR
  10. Alex Young UK
  11. Chris Smith UK
  12. Robbie Savage UK
  13. Ned Weight UK
  14. Luke Chinnock UK
  15. James Aldred UK


  1. Lewis Horne
  2. Will Nicolle
  3. Jack Watson
  4. Owen Flower
  5. Toby Jones
  6. Luke Flower
  7. Simon Penny
  8. Lewis Newbould
  9. Joey Small

Well done to all competitors, and a big thank you to Dan, Gemma, Adele and Chris from Skim UK for organising the contest.

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