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Choosing a skimboard

Choosing a skimboard for the first time is no easy task. With the large range of boards now on offer…

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Video: How to get on your skimboard

Here's a great video from Zap Skimboards on how to get on your skimboard using the one step drop. Zap…

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Exile Skimboards

Exile Skimboards are widely regarding as having one of the best construction techniques in the skimboarding industry. Exile Skimboards is…

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How do I get on the Sandskater Team?

This is one of the questions I hear the most from all the up and coming groms. And the simple…

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Circle One Skimboards

Circle One have been one of the best, if not the best, UK skimboard manufacturers so far. The Circle One…

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What is skimboarding?

Skimboarding brings together the skills and tricks required to be a top skater, snowboarder and surfer to create a sport…

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How to apply deck grip in 7 easy steps!

Deck grip provides a couple of essential features that will help your skimboarding or surfing. Number 1, it provides more…

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How to look after your skimboard

Skimboards aren't indestructible, if they were, they would be too heavy to ride! Your board can last anything from 6…

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Skimboard Construction – whats your board made from?

Gone are the days when round pieces of wood were used as skimboards. Modern skimboards use some of the most…

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