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Video: Skimboarding Tolcarne Wedge

A few of the Sandskater crew headed down to Tolcarne beach in Newquay on Sunday morning to try and ride the famous sidewash/wedge.

The combination of high spring tides, long range groundswell, and no wind, made the conditions favourable for our first attempt at riding "the Wedge".

As you'll see in the video, Tolcarne made some of the best UK skimboarders look like amateurs - but it was Sandskater teamer Mark Mason you got the first proper ride, and the the second, and third, and fourth...

Mark managed to dial in the timing to connect to the sidewash at the right time, and then pump out to the incoming wave. Although not quite managing the connection to the main peak, he was tantalisingly close to doing it on many occasions.

Overall the trip was well worth the effort. We cannot describe how fun it is, and we will be back to try our luck again very soon!

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